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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Histories and Genealogies - Books Online

The following books have been added to, many of which are useful in obtaining genealogical data. Our aim is to published to this website out of print family histories and genealogies and we have been locating some rare copies in antique shops, etc.

Adamson family.
By A. P. Adamson (1918),Begins with John Baldwin Adamson of Maryland who received a 1726 land grant in Frederick County.

Andrew Carnegie, An Autobiography by Andrew Carnegie, of Pittsburgh and Georgia.

Ball Genealogy (1891) by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden.

Bayne Family by Rev. W. B. Bayn.

Bowers. Descendants of Frederick Redwine and Barbara Stoner by John W. Jordan (1932), 36 pp.

Broadnax (1923).

Burwell with Notes by George H. Burwell (1908), 40 pp.

Chamberlain. One Branch of Descendants of Thomas Chamberlain of Woburn, 1644 by George W. Chamberlain (1897), 16 pp.

Craighead Family. Descendants of Rev. Thomas and Margaret Craighead 1658-1876. (1876), 165 pp.

Denison. A Record of the Descendants of Samuel Denison, late of Floyd, Oneida, NY, Commencing with William Denison to America in 1631 and
settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts by George Burlingame Denison (1900), 88 pp.
Harrison. Benjamin Harrison by Gen. Lew Wallace and Hon. Murat Halstead, 422 pgs., 1892 by Edgewood Publishing Co., includes a very interesting account of his life and many photographs.

Holland (1000-1988) By Jeannette Holland Austin. 500 pages of genealogy and family history; photographs, illustrations. This book has been out of print
since 1999.

Humphries. Descendants of Charles Humphries by John D. Humphries.

Loomis Family. One Bassett Family in America by Buel Burdell Bassett (1926).

Memoires D'Outre-Tombe (1814-1815) by Francois-Rene, Vicomte De Chateaubriand (1904). Includes extensive notes of 18th century French persons, including birth/death dates; a Genealogy Chart of the House of Bourboun beginning with Henry IV (1589-1610) and a Genealogy Chart of the House of Bonaparte, beginning with Charles-Bonaparte, the father of Napoleon I.

The Book of Stokes (1201-1915) by J. Lemack Stokes, D. C.

Library of Southern Literature, Volume XII, Compiled Under the Direct Supervision of Southern Men of Letters; Edwin Anderson Alderman, Joel Chandler Harris,Editors in Chief; Charles William Kent, Literary Editor. The Martin & Holt Company (1907)

Ewell, Dick, Virginia
Forrest, Nathan, General
Hill, Ambrose Powell, Lee's "Fighting General",1825-1865,Georgia
Jackson, Stonewell
Jefferson, Thomas
Johnson, Andrew - President of USA
Lee, Robert E., Virginia
Randolph, John, Virginia
Strother, Tom, servant to Gen. Forrest, Virginia
Sumner, Charles, Massachusetts Senator
Tabb, John Banister 1849-1909, Amelia County, Virginia
Taylor, Hannis (1851-) New Berne, North Carolina
Taylor, Richard. 1826-1879, Kentucky
Taylor, Zachary 1784-1850, born in Virginia, 12th President of the USA
jmthompson.pdf">Thompson, James Maurice 1804-1902, Indiana
Thompson, John R. 1823-1873, Virginia
Thompson, William Tappan 1812-1882, Ohio
Thornwell, James Hensley 1812-1862, Marlboro County, South Carolina
Thruston, Lucy Meacham, 1862 - , Maryland
Ticknor, Frances Orray 1823-1874, Baldwin County, Georgia
Tiernan, Frances Christine 1846-, Salisbury, Rowan Co., North Carolina
Timrod, Henry 1829-1867, Charleston, South Carolina
Toombs, Robert 1810-1885, Georgia
Townsend, Mary Sheley 1831-1901
Trent, William Peterfield 1862-, Virginia
Trescot, William Henry 1822-1898, Charleston,South Carolina
Tucker, Beverley 1784-1851, Virginia
Tucker, George 1775-1861, Bermuda
Tyler, John, President of USA, 1790-1862, Charles County, Virginia
Vance, Zebulon Baird 1830-1894, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Vest, George Graham 1830-1904, Frankfort, Kentucky
Wallis, Severn Teackle 1816-1894, Baltimore, Maryland
Warfield, Catharine Ann 1816-1877, Mississippi

Oglethorpe. Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe by Thaddeus Mason Harris.

Semple. Genealogical History of Family Semple from 1214 to 1888 by William Alexander Semple (1888), 59 pp.

Severance Genealogy by Henry Ormal Severance (1927), 29 pp.

Stokes (see above)

Sykes, Sikes by George P. Sikes, Sr. (1927)

Yowell (genealogy) by Clark S. Yowell (1931). Includes Ewell family in Virginia, 87 pp.

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