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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Civil War Books for Sale

The Civil War Chronicles by J. Maurice Gallman, 544 pp., hardbound, jacket, Crown Publishers (2000), like new. - $25.00

How the North Won by Herman Hattaway and Arthur Jones, hardbound, jacket, 761 pp. - $30.00

Civil War Battlefields and Landmarks by Frank E. Vandiver, hardbound, jacket, 160 pp., like new - $20.00

The Civil War Dictionary, hardbound, jacket, 974 pp. - $30.00

The Army of the Potomac: A Stillness at Appomatto by Bruce Catton, Doubleday and Company (1953), hardbound, jacket, 438 pp. - $20.00

War So Terrible. Sherman and Atlanta by James Lee McDonough and James Pickett Jones, hardbound, jacket, like new. (1987), 385 pp. - $22.00

Prices include free s/h in USA. These books are used. only one copy of each. If you are interested, please inquire here

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