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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Find your ancestors before 1790

How to find your ancestors before 1790 (video)

The following 8 genealogy websites are currently being offered to subscribers at the lowest possible rate, $150 for 1 year. This low rate is ablut to change and I thought that you might need to subscribe before it does.  As the video indicated, our best resource for finding ancestors is in the county records, particularly in the old wills.  Good news! Most of these sites contain the oldest surviving wills, easy to view over the internet. Saves time and money. (largest GA genealogy on internet) (Wills for Jefferson Co., Louisville) (Wills for many NC counties) (transcripts of SC wills) (oldest surviving wills for most counties) (names of graduates dating from ca 1818 to 1925) (books to read online about history and genealogy)

If interested, please click below

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