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Monday, July 7, 2014

Used Genealogy and History Books for Sale

The following genealogy books are for sale.  They are all in good to fair condition. If interested, please email Jeannette


  1. City of Chamblee, Georgia 8x10 pamphlet, 1983 Keystone Press - $2.00
  2. Fayette County Georgia Probate Records 1824-1871 by Jeannette Holland Austin (1995) R. J. Taylor Foundation (like new). 8x11 hardbound.  Abstracts. - $10.00
  3. Roswell (GA), a Pictorial History, 8x11 hardbound. (1985 )Roswell Historical Society. Former library book. - $10.00
  4. 1817-1920 Wilkinson County Georgia Wills, 8x11, (1971) hardbound,  by Joseph T. Maddox  $15.00
  5. 1820-1860 Wilkinson County Georgia Census by Joseph T. Maddox, hardbound - $10.00
  6. 1850 Richmond Co. GA Census by Jeannette Holland Austin, 8x11, hardbound (1965) - $6.00
  7. 1850 Bibb Co. GA Census by Jeannette Holland Austin, 8x11, hardbound (1965) - $6.00
  8. An Index to Georgia Tax Digests 1809-1811 by Custer, paperbound (1986), Vol. IV - $6.00
  9. An Index to Georgia Tax Digests 1804-1806 by Custer, paperbound (1986), Vol. III - $6.00
  10. At Home in Carrollton 1827-1994. A History Illustrated, Carroll County Historical Doviryy, 8x11, hardbound (1995) - $8.00
  11. Methodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900, 621 pp. + index, 5x7, hardbound - $10.00
  12. History of Georgia by Steens, Vol. I and II, 5x7, hardbound, The Beehive Press (1972) - $20.00
  13. Life in Old Bulloch. The Story of a Wiregrass County in Georgia by Dorothy Brannen, 5x7, hardbound, cover,  (1987). An old library book. - $8.00
  14. History of Education in Georgia by Orr. 5x7, hardbound, University of NC Press - $5.00
  15. Atlanta. Then and Now. 4x5, hardbound, by Michael Rose, paperbound. Photographs - $5.00
  16. Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia 1735-1748 by Anthony Parker, 5x7, hardbound, jacket, (1997) library book - $10.00
  17. Historical Markers of Richmond Count Georgia, Richmond County Historical Society (1966), 5x7, paperbound, 39 pp. - $3.00
  18. History of Murray County, Georgia (1911) by Charles Shriner, copy printed in a loose-leaf notebook - $5.00 

South Carolina

  1. South Carolina Wills 1670-1853 or later by Mary Bondurant Warren (1981), hardbound, 5x7. This is an index of wills in all of the counties. - $10.00
  2. Middleton Place, pamphlet, 5x5, paperbound, illustrated - $5.00
  3. South Carolina Wills 1670-1853 or later by Mary Bondurant Warren (1981), paperbound, xeroxed, 10x11. This is an index of wills in all of the counties. - $5.00
  4. 3 pamplets of abstracted SC Wills (Fairfield County 1773-1797; Chester County, Will Bk A; Laurens County, Will Book D). - $3.00 for all 3
  5. Historic Homes, Charleston, South Carolina, A Pictorial Guidebook, 10x11, hardbound, like new, pictures of old homes. - $10.00


  1. Three Charters of the Virginia Company of London by Samuel Bemiss of Virginia Historical Societyl 5x7, paperbound (1975) - $3.00
  2. Economica History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce, Vol. II (1895), reprinted 1935 by The MacMillan Company, hardbound, 5x7, 647 pp. - $10.00
  3. Institutional History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce, Vol. I (1910), reprinted 1964 - $10.00
  4. Social Life of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce (1907), reprinted 1968, hardbound, 5x7 - $5.00

North Carolina

  1. North Carolina, 5th Edition, 5x7, paperbound, by Sheila Turnage, photography, 360 pp. - $5.00

Great Britain

  1. A Celebration of Scotland, hardbound, cover  by Janice Anderson, great photographs , 448 pp., 9x11 - $15.00
  2. Kings and Queens of Britain by Joyce Marlow, 8.5x11, from William I to Elizabeth II. Great photographs, 185 pp.- $15.00
  3. Royal Britain (Illustrated Encyclopedia) by Charles Phillips, 512 pp., paperbound, 5x7. Wonderful photographs! - $8.00
  4. Devonshire Wills and Administrations, Vol. 12, British Record Society, Limited, Calendar of Wills and Administrations from Devon and Cornwall proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter, 1532-1800. (1914). Hardbound, 8x11, 324 pp.  This is an index of names by dates. - $25.00
  5. The English and Empire Digest with complete annotations, replacement volume 23 (1980 reissue), Executors and Administrations, Parts  1-4 by Sir Thomas Willes, Earl of Halsbury, 572 pp. - $20.00
  6. Ancient Petitions of the Chancery and the Exchequer. Great Britain Public Office, 5x7, paperbound, 103 pp. - $7.00


  1. Roget's Thesaurus, complete and unabridged, 4th edition, Harper & Row (1817), hardbound, 5x7, cover, 1317 pp. - $12.00
  2. Colonial Families of the USA by George Norbury Mackenzie, 5x7, hardbound, Vol. 1 through 7. (1912), reprinted 1996, 1995 by Genealogical Publishing Company.  The lineages of colonial Americans. - $280.00 for all 7 volumes.
  3. Hagan-Bryant Genealogies, 5x7 paperbound - $8.00
  4. 1849 book, hardbound, Lives of the Queens of England from the Norman Conquest with Anecdotes of their Courts, Now First Pubished from Official Records and Other Authentic Documents, Priate as well as Public by Agnes Strickland, New Edition with corrections and addtions Vol. IV, published 1849 in Philadelphia by Lea and Blanchard.  This really old book contains age spots throughout.  The binding is pretty much still in tact, however, fragile.  Some choice details on the lives of Elizabeth of York, Katharine of Arragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves and Katharine Howard.  Fantastic!  Well-documented. - $450.00

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  1. GeorgiaPioneers.com
  2. KentuckyPioneers.com
  3. NorthCarolinaPioneers.com
  4. SouthCarolinaPioneers.net
  5. VirginiaPioneers.net
  6. Genealogy-Books.com
  7. GaGraduates.com (Graduates database from ca 1830 to 1925)
  8. SoutheasternGenealogy.com (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)

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Friday, June 6, 2014

23,350 names in the Confederate Dead Database now on www.genealogy-books.com

Batte of Atlanta by General Sherman
Confederate Dead Database. 2,645 pages. By Jeannette Holland Austin. A compilation of 23,350 confederate soldiers, from obituaries and cemeteries, including many major National cemeteries. Listed alphabetically for easy finger-tip reference. Includes births and deaths, regiment, rank, where buried, obituaries, names of widows, children, parents, place of residence, battles See Names A History of the Moravian by Joseph Edmund Hutton

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Austin Collection - 40 years of genealogy notes


The Austin Collection by Jeannette Holland AustinThe Austin Collection by Jeannette Holland Austin. These two books will never be reprinted (only 100 copies printed in 1990). A collection of research notes by professional genealogist, Jeannette Holland Austin, dating from 1964 to 1990. 
Volume 1. 603 pp. - Notes and sources cited for genealogical information in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Volume 2. 340 pp. - Notes and sources cited for genealogical information in Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Virginia Genealogy Books available on www.genealogy-books.com

Kenmore Plantation


Henrico Parish Register, published 1932 in Virginia Historical Magazine

Vestry Book of Stratton Major Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia, 1729-1783 by C. G. Chamberlayne.

Virginia Families By Jeannette Holland Austin, 134 pp. Genealogies and family notes : Allen of AMelia County, Anderson of Kent County, Buckner of Brunswick County, Callaway, Cavender of Dinwiddie County, Chaffin of Prince Edward County, Coffey of Prince Edward County, Collins of Spotsylvania County, Conner of Norfolk County, Davis of Jamestown, Davis of Bedford County, Dickson of Lunenburg County, Dozier of Richmond County, Dukes of Prince George County, Dunn of James City County, Edmondson of Essex County, Eley of Nansemond County, Freeman of Surry County,Garnett of Essex County, Gay of Rockbridge County, Gordon of Middlesex and Spotsylvania Counties, Gordon of Nansemond County, Hansford of York County, Hardiman of Henrico and Charles City County, Harris of Charles City County, Harris of Isle of Wight County, Hatcher of Henrico County, Heath of Accomack County, Heath of Surry County, Inman, Johnson of Albemarle County, Jones of Frederick County, Jones of Williamsburgh, Kittrell, Lawson of Norfolk County, Lee of King and Queen County, Ligon of Henrico County, Littleton of Accomack and Northampton Counties, Lyddall of New Kent County, Madison of Spotsylvania County, Malone of Charles City County, Mercer of Lower Norfolk County, Mason of Surry County, Mills of Williamsburgh, Moon of Bedford County, Moore of Fauquier County, Muse of Westmoreland County, Nicholls of Norfolk County, Oliver of Charlotte County, Overton of Hanover County, Parker of Charles City, Nansemond, Isle of Wight counties, Peake of James City County, Peek of Pittsylvania County, Penley of Richmond County, Perkins, Perry of Isle of Wight County, Preston of Fincastle County, Raiford of Isle of Wight County, Redmond of Westmoreland County, Shepherd of Orange County, SHerrill of Frederick County,Shockley of Pittsylvania County, Standley of New Kent County, Taylor of New Kent County, Thornton of Gloucester County, Tiller of Culpepper County, Tucker of Sussex County, Tucker of Norfolk County,Voss of Spotsylvania County, Walton of Brunswick County, Watts of Prince WIlliam and Fauquier Counties, Whelchel of Albemarle County, Withers of Stafford County, Woodson of Prince George County,Wynne of Charles City County. 

Virginia Bible Records By Jeannette Holland Austin., 394 pp. 487 bibles. Collection of 487 bible records. See surnames

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tennessee and Texas Genealogy Books - www.genealogy-books.com

Tipton County, Tennessee


Tennessee Families By Jeannette Holland Austin, 14 pp. Genealogies and family notes .... Allen of Shelbyville, Campbell of Rhea County, Coffey, Fite of McMinn County, Inman of Jefferson County, New of Wilson County, Perdue of Montgomery County, Redmond of Washington County.


Texas Families. By Jeannette Holland Austin, 3 pp. Genealogies and family notes .... Etheredge of Carthage; McCorquodale of Madison County; McMinn of Smith County, Moore of Paris, New of Goliad County, Tiller of Harrison County and Tucker of Kaufman.

Texas: A Brief Account of the Origin, Progress and Present State of the Colonial Settlements of Texas; Together with an Exposition. By William H. Wharton.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

South Carolina Genealogy Books on www.genealogy-books.com

Abbeville, South Carolina

South Carolina

South Carolina Families By Jeannette Holland Austin, 64 pp. Genealogies and family notes .... Adams of Richland County, Anderson of Greenville County, Baker of Marion County, Blackstock of Greenville County, Cleveland, Collins of Kershaw County, Compton of Newberry County, Crenshaw of Laurens County, Dickson of York County, Gee of Georgetown, Godbold of Craven County, Gordon of Chester County, Guerry , Heath of Pendleton District, Human, Jackson of Edgefield County, Jay of Newberry County, Knighton of Fairfield County, Lightner of Newberry County, Love of Abbeville Counry, Mann of Berkley County, McCall of Cheraw District, Miles of Marion County, Miller of Lancaster County, Owens of Marion County, Page of Marion County, Pike of Charleston, Prince of Union County, Reeves of York County, Rumph of Orangeburg County, Seal of Fairfield County, Stegall of Pickens County, Strange of Spartanburg County, Surrency of Cheraw District, Whelchel of Cherokee County and Word of Laurens County. 

North Carolina - South Carolina Bible Records by Jeannette Holland Austin, 244 pp. A collection of 419 Bibles from the 1920's and 1930's by owners who are not deceased. Some of them were submitted to me as a professional genealogist; others found in various records. Time period is pre-revolutionary war and mid 1800s. See Table of Contents for Names 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Genealogy Books for Pennsylvania on www.genealogy-books.com


Pennsylvania Families. By Jeannette Holland Austin, 45 pp. Genealogies and family notes: Bankston of Montgomery County, Castleberry of Germantown, Cunningham of Carlisle, Fincher of Chester County, Leitner/Lightner of Lancaster County, McCall of Cumberland County, Moon of Bucks County, Perkins of York County, Stice of Philadelphia and Spohn of Washington County, Pennsylvania.

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