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Thursday, September 5, 2019

7 States of Genealogy Records

Georgia Pioneers (8 Genealogy Websites) has wills, estates, traced families etc in AL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN and VA.  In particular, our Virginia collection contnues to grow, representing the oldest surviving county wills and estates, from 1600s to about 1800.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Genealogy Holiday Discount

Over the holiday we are offering a discount for 1-year's membership in Georgia Pioneers (8 genealogy websites) for $135.00 (instead of $150.00).  To take advantage now please click here

Offer expires Monday, May 27th!

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

1918 Anderson Six

1918 Anderson Six
Did you know that about the “Anderson Six” automobile? It was advertised and sold in Atlanta during 1918. Do you imagine yourself taking one of the first rides? There are so many interesting stories to learn about our ancestors. Just as we seem to speed quickly along the avenue of life, embracing new ideas and transitioning through new technology, our ancestors also had a grip on the changing fads. 1916 was the last days of Queen Elizabeth’s staunch Victorian Era, and our relatives stepped up for the changes. You don’t really think that your ancestors were boring old trolls who did little to bring out changes, do you? When tracing, it is always a good idea to read the newspapers of their times and see what was happening. Also, 8 Genealogy Websites features genealogy databases in 7 States! Why not check it out?

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Chattahoochee County GA Genealogy - Wills, Estates, etc. #georgiapioneers

Chattahoochee County Georgia Ancestor Databases: Wills, Estates, Annual Returns, Appraiements, Inventories, Homesteads

Cohutta, GeorgiaChattahoochee County was created in 1854 from Marion and Muscogee Counties. It was named for the Chattahoochee River.

Online Chattahoochee County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers


  • (Index) 1854 to 1907
  • (Index) 1866 to 1876
  • Marriages from newspapers 1885 to 1886

Index to Probate Records

  • Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Homesteads, Book A (1863 to 1883)
  • Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Homesteads, Book B (1882 to 1940)
  • Annual Returns, Book A (1854 to 1858)
  • Annual Returns, Book B (1858 to 1860)
  • Annual Returns, Book C (1860 to 1865)

Wills and Estates

  • Wills (abstracts) 1853-1885

    Traced Genealogies for Chattooga County Families

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    Monday, December 3, 2018

    How to Search for Illegitimate Families #genealogy

    How to Search for Illegitimate Families

    child in gardenWhat if your someone in your family did not marry, yet had children? You possibly know the first name, but not the surname. Let us say that John Smith and Mary had seven children listed on the 1850 Census yet you never found a marriage record. Further, members of your family hinted that the children were illegitimate. And you followed the trail of the census, deed records, for the places they resided, wills and estates where there was scant information. Here is a problem to be resolved. John Smith left Virginia in 1812 with several children. First, the War of 1812 militia records were examined at the National Archives which indicated that John Smith served in a militia company located at an outpost on the border of Jasper County,   ... more ...

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    Friday, November 30, 2018

    The Historical Past Reveals What Happens Today

    The Historical Past Reveals What Happens Today

    Washington Crossing the DelawareYou have doubtless heard the expression that "nothing is new under the sun?" Understanding today involves knowing yesterday. The modern age has suffered a re-writing of school history books. This is unfortunate, because the writers were not present at the events, nor alive. That means that the modern version of the past is "opinion" or "propaganda". That leaves the task to us of teaching historical subjects to our children. But this easy for genealogists who researches every detail of the ancestor's lifestyle and the surrounding events, such as immigration and wars. He reads pensions from the Civil War and Revolutionary War, and learns of the movement of troops and details of battle. He appreciates that muskets, sabres and rifles were used to defend the families during war and against the Indians at frontier forts. He follows the ancestors as they took up land grants, drew in the land lotteries, land bounties to settle mountain lands, the movement westward and battles with Indians. He reads civil war diaries and the diaries of white women taken as Indian slaves in the Allegheny Mountains and dragged into villages further westward. And, as the history of each family is discovered, the genealogist shares the factual information with others. More of these stories need to be passed along in families. Lest we forget!

    Index to North Carolina Wills and Estates

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    Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    Preserving the Old Traditions and values

    Preserve the Old Traditions and Values 

    Working to Preserve History
    While genealogists work to preserve their family histories and relate the interesting tales to their children and grandchildren, there is a disruption of traditions and beliefs encircling the globe. Every generation has treasured its ways, from the way we speak, walk, dress and act, to or spiritual beliefs.  And yet there has been no American tradition so valued as our personal freedom, and the right to worship our God.  This generation has gone awry with its preference for the re-written history of the conduct and actions of our ancestors.  Yet, somewhere back in time, in the past of the disruptor's, lies some very startling facts concerning themselves and their ancestors.

    If they traced back several generations of their lineage and found some brave patriots who loved freedom and the right to worship so much they they gave their lives and fortunes for it, perhaps a greater appreciation of former generations would awaken them from the deep sleep of ignorance and stupidity.

    Perhaps it is up to the old folks to restore peace, love and appreciation for those who came before us by writing more articles and telling more stories on the Internet of how the ancestors sacrificed everything for their posterity!  Then, while the disruptor's are wasting their youth spouting anger, marching in parades, littering our streets, vandalizing homes and stores, etc., we will be writing the history of today, of how much we still care for our traditions and values.  


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