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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Knight's Sword,,,,fiction, historical, adventuresome

Novel: Historical, adventuresome, romance, science-fiction available to read for $1.99 donation. Read Novels

”....Chapter One. My name is Regulus. It is the end of things and times as I'd always known. The blue sky no longer exists. Instead a maze of mushrooming rumbling clouds that trail a smelly gassy odor and leave the nostrils red and burning. Debris rises and falls into the thin threads of a thirsty dry landscape, churning dirt then lifting it again to sweep across the next barren space, and so on. Nothing grows in this soil. Nothing remains of any value. For hundreds of years the United States of America had functioned as a republic. Elections were had, votes cast, and politicians put in place to run the country. However, the people lowered their criteria for their representatives, and accept immorality as a commonality of office. They redefined crime with softer words, released terrorists from jails, infiltrated the courts with lawyers who used trickery and deception. Eventually, all media was corrupt and the political parties became masters of lies and propaganda. Change the definition of words, add some tears and emotion to the big fat lie, and the people will accept it. And they did. Greedy politicians used the tools of class envy and racial preferences to divide us. As long as there the thriving industry of class envy, they held an office of wealth and power from which they spoon fed propaganda to a constituency of drones and special interest groups. The drones had something to gain from keeping the greedy in power, and that is the financial support off the backs of taxpayers. They did not have to work a lick so long as taxes were collected and wealth re-distributed. The drones existed on social programs, free food, rent and medical care and when that was not enough demanded automobiles, cell phones and televisions. The theme was that they were poor and the workers were cruel if they did not share their wages. Financial markets reeled like a drunken sailor. They spent and spent until the free markets collapsed. Entrepreneurs were consumed by punishing taxes. When the currency went worthless, we could no longer import petroleum to heat our homes and moving vehicles and machinery became artifacts and we could no longer turn the large turbines which powered the dams for electricity. The environmentalists of our age had successfully perpetuated a hoax which received national acceptance. They claimed that mankind controlled the earth's temperature by polluting the atmosphere with petroleum and punished us by accessing a green tax. Individual use of energy was measured by meters placed in our homes which turned off our lights and cooking stoves after reaching certain levels until we could no longer afford to be warm. They built dams which diverted water into streams and rivers to protect endangered species of fishes and other animals but instead caused drought. The smallest fish were preserved while humans were denied water rights to their land. As fields went dry and soil eroded, agriculture came to a standstill. If you had anything to eat, the drones would send their mobs of deadbeats to take it from you. Their power was too strong to break and no one would prevent them from killing and starving all opposition. They used their little bombs until the population left the cities and hid in obscure places. The politicians would not tolerate individual freedom. We were subjected to frequent investigations and persecutions; workers quit their jobs and ran away to avoid from further oppression. Mobs of dissatisfied welfare recipients gathered, demanded more, and when they did not get it, broke into stores taking valuables to convert into cash but when those items could not sell, they turned their attention on private homes, robbing food supplies. You see, it began as a war of words and ideas won by politicians who made oppressive laws and then enforced them by marshaling the forces against us. There was no freedom of speech and life was not worth a nickel. The greedy ones exacted burdensome taxes, spent and then printed money until it had no value. Then they soldiered people into war machines to destroy all who voiced opposition. They detonated human beings with remote device so as they on the street until no one dared show their face. The result was that all of the population went into hiding. ....”

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