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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where to Purchase Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin

Georgia Bible Records by Jeannette Holland Austin

The Georgia Frontier, 3 volumes, by Jeannette Holland Austin

Georgia Intestate Records by Jeannette Holland Austin

The Georgians by Jeannette Holland Austin

Index to Georgia Wills by Jeannette Holland Austin

30,638 Burials in Georgia by Jeannette Holland Austin

Read out of print genealogy books online

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Out of Print Genealogy Books (PDF) for Sale

The following books can be uploaded via email to you. To order, please go
These books are out of print and no longer available anywhere that I know of.

* Adamson family by A. P. Adamson (1918). Begins with John Baldwin Adamson of Maryland who received a 1726 land grant in Frederick County and his son, Basil Adamson, 51 pp. 3.89 MB. $10.00.

* Bone Connections by Dorothy Holland Herring and Jeannette Holland Austin (1970), 35 pp., 6.07 MB. $8.00.

* Burwell with Notes by George H. Burwell (1908), 36 pp., 2.88 MB. $8.00.

* Camp 1630-1777 by Jeannette Holland Austin (1991), 137 pp., 15.86 MB. $10.00.

* Chamberlain. One Branch of Descendants of Thomas Chamberlain of Woburn, 1644 by George W. Chamberlain (1897), 13 pp. $8.00.

* Cooper. The Family Record of John Cooper 1778-1909 arranged by Sarah Edna Cooper Holtzclaw (1909), 27 pp., Bedford County, Virginia; Georgia. 14 pp., 12.22 MB. $8.00.

* Copeland Genealogy. 900 years, begins in France, 19 pp., 2.09 MB. $8.00

* Craighead Family. Descendants of Rev. Thomas and Margaret Craighead 1658-1876. (1876), 165 pp., 5.92 MB. $10.00.

* Denison. A Record of the Descendants of Samuel Denison, late of Floyd, Oneida, NY, Commencing with William Denison to America in 1631 and settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts by George Burlingame Denison (1900), 88 pp., 2.74 MB. $10.00.

* Graham. Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His son by George Horace Loramer, Small, Maynard & Company, Boston (1905), 312 pp. Letters from John Graham, head of the house of Graham & Co., at the Union Stock Yards in Chicago, to his son, Pierpont, at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts - This book was a rare find in an antique shop in Brunswick, Georgia. 18.60 MB. $10.00

* Harrison. Benjamin Harrison by Gen. Lew Wallace and Hon. Murat Halstead, 422 pgs., 1892 by Edgewood Publishing Co., includes a very interesting account of his life and many photographs. 19.23 MB. $10.00.

* Holland (1000-1988) By Jeannette Holland Austin. 500 pages of genealogy and family history; photographs, illustrations. This book has been out of print since 1999 and will not be reprinted, 953.54 MB. - $20.00.

* Loomis Family. One Bassett Family in America by Buel Burdell Bassett (1926), 18 pp., 1.18MB. $8.00.

* Memoires D'Outre-Tombe (1814-1815) by Francois-Rene, Vicomte De Chateaubriand (1904). Includes extensive notes of 18th century French persons, including birth/death dates; a Genealogy Chart of the House of Bourboun beginning with Henry IV (1589-1610) and a Genealogy Chart of the House of Bonaparte, beginning with Charles-Bonaparte, the father of Napoleon I. 164 pp., 8.78 MB. $10.00.

* Oglethorpe. Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe by Thaddeus Mason Harris. 177 pp., 382.85 MB. $10.00.

* Rossdhu. Chiefs of the Clan Colquhoun of Luss, since the 12th century, 24 pp., 1.92 MB. $8.00.

* Semple. Genealogical History of Family Semple from 1214 to 1888 by William Alexander Semple (1888), 59 pp., 1.59 MB. $10.00.

* Severance Genealogy by Henry Ormal Severance (1927), 29 pp., 1.03 MB. $8.00.

* Stokes. The Book of Stokes (1201-1915) by J. Lemack Stokes, D. C., 26 pp., 6.09 MB. $8.00.

* My Vagabondage by J. E. Patterson. An intimate autobiography of Nature's Nomad (Patterson), 373 pp., printed in London by William Heineman. 33.25 MB. $10.00.

* Yowell (genealogy) by Clark S. Yowell (1931). Includes Ewell family in Virginia, 87 pp., 1.67 MB. $10.00

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tax Revolt Tomorrow

Tomorrow, on Tax Revolt Day, I will be standing on the site of my 2nd great-grandfather's Atlanta farm. In 1824, Archibald Holland owned all of downtown Atlanta. He drew 202-1/2 acres in the land lottery. Imagine that! His home was located on Capitol Avenue where his first son was born. His struggles were like so many persons who took up the challenge to build a life in America and opened the door to the prosperity of future generations. Sure, the dirt road has been paved over and State buildings occupy the landscape, but the fact remains that my ancestor helped to build a community out of the wilderness. Just like your ancestors fought to uphold freedom, religious tolerance and the Constitution of the United States of America. They gave their sons to the Revolutionary War to fight against an oppressive tax by the British and obtained freedom. Again, they rallied during the War of 1812. Likewise, their sons fought in the War Between the States which was started against the North because of oppressive taxes and tariffs to Southern planters and ended in freeing slaves. Lest we forget World War I and II? Now, our boys fight a vicious terrorist regime whose motto is to "kill the infidel".

Since the election of Obama, our country has been under assault from within. Our representatives are not truthful or honest. For those of you on medicare insurance, your premium will soon be tripled to $283.00 per month. Not a decrease, as promised, but more and more and more. Today, our Congress and Senate "mandates" and "dictates". They operate behind closed doors and pass laws which pad their own pockets. They are in the process of passing an array of taxes on everything that we do. Unfortunately, the government has access to all of our personal information, from 1099s, W-2, 401K's, bank accounts, everything that we do. In the past, this was okay because we had reasonable representation. But today, we have a bunch of dishonorable and dishonest rats in Washington who pass laws behind closed doors. And so on and so on.

I hope that everyone will remember how hard our ancestors fought for our freedom and attend the Annual Tax Day Revolt rally in your own city. And please, remember the mid-term elections. What we do today will determine what happens to our children tomorrow.