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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Histories/Genealogies online

Bible Archives. A collection of U.S. Bible Records - The following Bible Records are available to members of Genealogy-Books:
Abbott of Minnesota
Adams of Minnesota
Amann of Scott County, Iowa
Anderson-Dutton of Oklahoma
Arden of South Carolina
Arnett of Lexington, Kentucky
Bass, Augustus
Bass, Burrel
Bass, E. E., Mrs.
Bass, James Lee
Bass, John
Basse of Norfolk, Virginia
Beckett of Brown County, Kansas
Bledsoe, Ann of Alabama
Bledsoe of Texas
Bledsoe, John of Alabama
Booth of Connecticut
Bortree of Pennsylvania
Branch of Illinois
Bross of Pennsylvania & Wisconsin
Brown of Greenwood, South Carolina
Brunt of Alabama
Burgin of Kentucky
Bush of Alabama
Butler of South Carolina
Caraway of Alabama
Cardwell of Missouri
Chisman of Ohio
Christian of Alabama
Clayton of Alabama
Clements of Alabama
Cliatt of Alabama
Cooke of Pennsylvania
Costley of Texas
Devane of New Hanover County, North Carolina
Dickson of Montgomery County, Alabama
Dickson of Alabama
Dickson of Kansas
Dickson of Alabama
Dixon of North Carolina
Doane of Canada
Dobbins of Texas
Eakin of Pennsylvania
Edmead-Gosdin of Surrey, England & USA
Ervin of Walnut Grove, Virginia
Floyd of Alabama
Gaarder of Minnesota
Griffith of Maryland
Heinz of Oklahoma
Hight of Rockbridge County, Virginia
Holland, John O.
Honnell of Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kansas
Jinkins of Oklahoma
Johannson of Minnesota
Johnson of New York
Kirby of Alabama
Lingerfelt of Tennessee
Locke-Sylvester of South Carolina & Alabama
McCabe of Virginia, Kentucky & Illinois
McKenzie-Harrison of Alabama
McKenzie of Alabama
Mansur of Indiana and New Hampshire
Martin-Veal of Alabama
Martin of Middlesex County, New Jersey
Mason of Virginia
Musser of Nebraska
Noble of Missouri
Nordan of Alabama
O'Connor of Virginia
Pickens of Tennessee
Poe of Ohio
Putnam of Massachusetts
Roberts of Alabama
Robinson of Missouri
Screws of Alabama and North Carolina
Shannon of Texas
Shoemaker of New York, Iowa, Minnesota
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Peter of Louisville, Kentucky
Soberg of Norway
Spratling of Alabama
Steward-Burges-Briscoe of Oklahoma
Stubbs of England
Swenson of Minnesota
Tilton of New York
Trammell of Alabama
Turk, John Sr. of South Carolina
Turk, William of South Carolina
Vaughan of Missouri
Walker of Alabama
Walker, Solomon of Alabama
Weeks of New Jersey
Whipple of Massachusetts
White of Virginia
Whorton of North Carolina
Williams of South Carolina
Williams-Cherry-Gwinn of North Carolina
Wiswall of Texas
Wood of Kentucky

Genealogies and Biographies available to members of Genealogy-Books

Abercromby, The Family of by Cavendish D. Abercromby, The Bon-Accord Press (1927). A partial book discovered; incomplete
Adamson Family
Andrew Carnegie. His autobiography
Ball Genealogy (1891), by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden
Bayne Family by Rev. W. B. Bayn
Benjamin Harrison By Hon. Whitelaw Reid, et al (1892)
Blunt Family in Goodhue and Allied Families by E. G. Fuess (1930), England to New Hampshire and Pennsylvania
Bone Connections by Dorothy Holland Herring and Jeannette Holland Stucki (1970)
Bowers, Descendants of Frederick Redwine and Barbara Stoner by John W. Jordan (1932), GA State Archives Folder Collection, 36 pp.
Broadnax (1923)
Burwell with Notes by George H. Burwelll (1908), 40 pp.
Camp 1630-1977 by Jeannette Holland Austin (1991), 173 pp.
Candler Family From 1650 to 1890 (1896). Revolves around the Candlers of Georgia, descendants of Lieutenant Colonel William Candler of Callan Castle, Ireland
Chamberlain. One Branch of Descendants of Thomas Chamberlain of Woburn, 1644 by George W. Chamberlain (1897), 16 pp.
Cocke. The English ancestry of Richard Cocke of Malvern Hill, Virginia by William Ronald Cocke, Jr. (1931), 7 pp.
Cody and Womack Families of America by Miss Sarah D. Hubert (1902), 23 pp.
Cody of Ireland and Georgia
Cooper. The Family Record of John Cooper 1778-1909 Arranged by Sarah Edna Cooper Holtzclaw (1909)
Copeland Genealogy, 900 years, 21 pp.
Craighead Family, Descendants of Rev. Thomas and Margaret Craighead 1658-1876), (1876), 165 pp. (please wait to load)
Daniel and Daniels Families in Europe and America by Henry Dudley Teetor, M. A. (1920), 13 pp.
Denison. A Record of the Descendants of Samuel Denison, late of Floyd, Oneida County, NY Commencing with William Denison to America in 1631 and settled in Rozbury, Massachusetts by George Burlingame Denison (1900), 88 pp. (please wit to load)
Eberhart. History of the Eberharts in Germany and the United States from A. D. 1265 to A. D. 1890-625 Year by Rev. Uriah Eberhart (1891)...211 pp.
Ellis. A Memorandum of The Ellis Family by Thomas H. Ellis. Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, 61 pp. (1849)
Fain. Descendants of Nicholas Fain by Augusta Bradford
Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His son by George Horace Loramer, Small, Maynard & Company, Boston (1905), 312 pp. Letters from John Graham, head of the house of Graham & Co., at the Union Stock Yards in Chicago, to his son, Pieerpont, at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts - This book was a rare find in an antique shop in Brunswick, Georgia
Holland Genealogy (1000-1988) by Jeannette Holland Austin
Howell, Genealogy of the Southern Line of the Family. From the Original Progenitor of the Line in America, John Howell, Virginia Colonist (1639), VA, NC, SC, GA
Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker
Hull of Georgia by A. L. Hull (1904)
Humphries. Descendants of Charles Humphries by John D. Humphries
Library of Southern Literature, Volume XII, Compiled Under the Direct Supervision of Southern Men of Letters; Edwin Anderson Alderman, Joel Chandler Harris,Editors in Chief; Charles William Kent, Literary Editor. The Martin & Holt Company (1907)
Book Cover
Table of Contents
Ewell, Dick, Virginia
Forrest, Nathan, General.
Hill, Ambrose Powell, Lee's "Fighting General",1825-1865, Georgia.
Jackson, Stonewell.
Jefferson, Thomas
Johnson, Andrew - President of USA
Lee, Robert E., Virginia
Randolph, John, Virginia
Strother, Tom, servant to Gen. Forrest, Virginia
Sumner, Charles, Massachusetts Senator
Tabb, John Banister 1849-1909, Amelia County, Virginia
Taylor, Hannis (1851-) New Berne, North Carolina
Taylor, Richard. 1826-1879, Kentucky
Taylor, Zachary 1784-1850, born in Virginia, 12th President of the USA
Thompson, James Maurice 1804-1902, Indiana
Thompson, John R. 1823-1873, Virginia
Thompson, William Tappan 1812-1882, Ohio
Thornwell, James Hensley 1812-1862, Marlboro County, South Carolina
Thruston, Lucy Meacham, 1862 - , Maryland
Ticknor, Frances Orray 1823-1874, Baldwin County, Georgia
Tiernan, Frances Christine 1846-, Salisbury, Rowan Co., North Carolina
Timrod, Henry 1829-1867, Charleston, South Carolina
Toombs, Robert 1810-1885, Georgia
Townsend, Mary Sheley 1831-1901
Trent, William Peterfield 1862-, Virginia
Trescot, William Henry 1822-1898, Charleston, South Carolina
Tucker, Beverley 1784-1851, Virginia
Tucker, George 1775-1861, Bermuda
Tyler, John, President of USA, 1790-1862, Charles County, Virginia
Vance, Zebulon Baird 1830-1894, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Vest, George Graham 1830-1904, Frankfort, Kentucky
Wallis, Severn Teackle 1816-1894, Baltimore, Maryland.
Warfield, Catharine Ann 1816-1877, Mississippi
Loomis Family. One Bassett Family in America by Buell Burdell Bassette (1926)
Long. Some Personal Recollections and Private Correspondence of Dr. Crawford Williamson Long, Discoverer of Anaesthesia with Sulphuric Ethel by Joseph Jacobs, Phar. D. (1919), 47 pp.
Lumpkin Family of Georgia by L. L. Cody (1928), 47 pp. Descendants of Colonel Jacob Lumpkin of King and Queen County, Virginia to the famous Gov. Lumpkin of Georgia; includes Maxwell, Barrow, Callaway, Cobb, Grieve, Smith and Gerdine
Lumpkin-Wilson. Descendants of John Wilson (1740-1820) of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; of Nicholas Perkins of Henrico County, Virginia;; Governor William Henry Cabell of Nelson County, Virginia; Savage; Turnstall of King & Queen County, Pittsylvania County, Henry County and Halifax Counties, Virginia (includes coat of arms); Colonel Daniel Coleman of Pittsylvania County; ancestors of Colonel Nathaniel Wilson; descendants of Jacob Lumpkin, 47 pp.
McConnell Marriage Genealogy by Hugh M. Addington (1929), 35 pp., Ancestors, Descendants, Marriages of an Illustrious Family of Virginia. George McConnell, Sheriff, came from PA to Elk Garden, Virginia, then to Scott County; his descendants
Memoires D'Outre-Tombe (1814-1815) of Francois-Rene, Vicomte De Chateaubriand (1904). Includes extensive notes of 18th century French persons, including birth/death dates; a Genealogy Chart of the House of Bourboun beginning with Henry IV (1589-1610) and a Genealogy Chart of the House of Bonaparte, beginning with Charles-Bonaparte, the father of Napoleon I.
Oglethorpe. Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe by Thaddeus Mason Harris
Ormsby of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Includes Families of Abbe, Knowlton, Carpenter, Griswold. 22 pp.
Rossdhu. Chiefs of the Clan Colquhoun of Luss, since the 12th century, 24 pp.
Selkirks, A Tale of the by Ralph Connor. Name of the book is Black Rock; 270 pp., a true story.
Semple. Genealogical History of Family Semple from 1214 to 1888 by William Alexander Semple (1888), 59 pp.
Severance Genealogy by Henry Ormal Severance (1927), 29 pp.
Stokes (1201-1915) by J. Lemack Stokes, D. D.
Sykes, Sikes by George P. Sikes, Sr. (1927)
My Vagabondage
by J. E. Patterson. An intimate autobiography of Nature's Nomad (Patterson), 373 pp., printed in London by William Heineman.

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